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The VIVAMAYR principle

You are what you eat – You are what you digest
The way we eat can either keep us healthy or encourage the development of diseases. The Greek doctors of antiquity were aware of this, and it is just as true today.
As a result of the research work carried out by Dr. Mayr, we can treat diseases by changing the way we eat. Intensive dietetics under medical control becomes a successful therapy for numerous diseases of modern civilisation.
The logical consequence – the management of our eating culture – will help us to stay healthy, if we put it into practice in our daily lives. Convince yourself and follow your individual Mayr cure!



We start by drawing up a basic diagnosis, carrying out a vitality check to determine your biological age, and using Applied Kinesiology in order to identify any allergens, harmful substances or incompatible foodstuffs.



One essential key to health lies in a balanced diet. Correct eating habits – when and how we eat – help our bodies make the most of the nutrients contained in our diet. Our goal is to strengthen the performance of the digestive system.



Medical knowledge and research are developing at an astonishing pace. Nevertheless it is important to learn about the traditional, tried and tested methods, dealing with patients on a practical level and administering manual therapy.



Here you can download several medical information. For further queries you may ask our medical reception.


Clinic Dates

Here you can find out when and where our doctors are available worldwide, and make contact with us. We will gladly arrange an appointment for you.



Our exclusive packages follow our modern, highly individual concept of the Mayr cure. All our medical treatments support regenerative beauty from the inside.