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Nutrition – One essential key to health

One essential key to health lies in a balanced diet. Correct eating habits – when and how we eat – help our bodies make the most of the nutrients contained in our diet. Our goal is to strengthen the performance of the digestive system. This basic principle was first recognised by F.X. Mayr and was further perfected by VIVA, the Centre for Modern Mayr Medicine. It stands for a balanced interplay of natural healing methods, combined with scientifically recognised therapies. VIVA means: finding your biological rhythm!

Tips from the Chef

„This wonderful season is not just a new start in our gardens, our body begins to breathe and wake up again.“


Spring awakening
Springtime – a recurring new beginning in the rhythm of the seasons. The time has come to break old eating habits. This wonderful season is not just a new start in our gardens, our body begins to breathe and wake up again.
Organic herbs, flowers and vegetables with its powerful ingredients, that now start growing in our garden, make our dishes more colorful and tasteful. The use of wild herbs and baby vegetables in combination with fish, meat or even with the Vegetarian-Vegan kitchen is always a pleasant highlight after last cold and frosty winter days.


Cooking classes

The success of your Mayr cure at VIVA is meant to be durable. This is why we want to introduce you to the Mayr art of healthy cooking.
Emanuela Fischer and her team will not only introduce you to exciting recipes at the Mayr Cooking School, but also show you nifty trips and tricks for a healthier diet.
We look forward to welcoming you to the Mayr Cooking School.


Sample recipe A determined, customized therapy after VIVAMAYR´s innovative, based on traditional naturopathic philosophy is a fascinating, unique way. Thus, you, your body and your soul are guided step by step under expert medical instructions: Away from all pathogenic influences and habits towards a new, conscious and responsible lifestyle, full of health, harmony and vitality.


A brief overview


Our locations


Maria Wörth

Located on the idyllic shores of the Wörthersee in a mild mediterranean climate, VIVAMAYR Maria Wörth shows the origin and soul of our holistic health philosophy.



VIVAMAY Altaussee is unique in many ways: europes finest, most modern luxury ressort and spa offers state of the art health and detox treatments in one of the nicest, most picturesque surroundings in the heart of the Austrian alps.