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Nutrition – One essential key to health

A welcome side effect of the Mayr Cure is weight loss and subsequently a flatter stomach. During the Mayr Cure our award winning chefs prepare organic, locally produced food according to each guests diet plan and in accordance with the mild clearing alkalising diet.The goal of the Mayr Cure is to strengthen the performance of the digestive system and improve your digestive health. The Mayr diet has been shown to boost fertility and treat hormonal imbalance.

Tips from the Chef

„Anyone who thinks pumpkins and chestnuts only grow in fall  is mistaken.“


Making hay while the sun shines!
Anyone who thinks pumpkins and chestnuts only grow in fall is mistaken. In Autumn our gardens bring us the most beautiful purple colours : beetroot, celery, carrots or plums to name just a few. These seasonal fruit and vegetables enrich our dishes and include all the essential vitamins and minerals needed to strengthen our immune system so we’re fit and healthy for the winter months.

Breakfast Tip: Oat-spelt-millet porridge with cinnamon, honey and later on a cup of warming ginger tea works wonders to energise us and strengthen our immune system.


Cooking classes

The success of your Mayr cure at VIVAMAYR is meant to be durable. This is why we want to introduce you to the Mayr art of healthy cooking.
Our professional team will not only introduce you to exciting recipes at the Mayr Cooking School, but also show you nifty trips and tricks for a healthier diet.
We look forward to welcoming you to the VIVAMAYR Cooking School.

Seasonal recipes

VIVAMAYRS Chefs have created a mouth-watering sample recipe for you here, nourishing, healthy and perfect for the winter months. Discover the secret of health and vitality through innovative cuisine and the art of savouring each mouthful.


A brief overview


Our locations


Maria Wörth

Located on the idyllic shores of the Wörthersee in a mild mediterranean climate, VIVAMAYR Maria Wörth shows the origin and soul of our holistic health philosophy.



VIVAMAY Altaussee is unique in many ways: europes finest, most modern luxury ressort and spa offers state of the art health and detox treatments in one of the nicest, most picturesque surroundings in the heart of the Austrian alps.