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Advances in medicine are rapidly developing. Nevertheless, it is still important to learn the basics and perfect the art of "hands-on" patient care and techniques.

Training Goals

In 3 consecutive seminars that build upon each other, Dr. Mayr complementary medical diagnostics and modern Mayr therapy are taught. Each student undergoes a Mayr treatment and will acquire direct experience with modern Mayr therapy.

Training Period

Training time extends over a period of at least 2 years with a total of 180 training hours, completed in three 2-week courses. An exam completes your training after a minimum of two years.

Target Group

Physicians of all disciplines interested in dietetic therapy. You must have a post-doctorate to take this course.


Training participants receive a 25% discount on VIVAMAYR rooms, as well as individually prescribed medical services. External lab tests, products, medicines, and cosmetics are excluded.


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