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Me & V

Thank you for a wonderful experience! I'm excited to take what I've learnt here into my London life! 


Thank you so much for transforming my life. You are an amazing team.
See you next year.


Great experience! Wonderful place, fabulous people! Thanks so much for the most memorable cure ever!


First Timers!
Lots of fun... good habits, healthy living. Good investment in our lives

Zahra, Guest at VIVAMAYR

This is an extraordinary place
and all the staff are wonderful.
I feel 100% better!

Deborah, Guest at VIVAMAYR

Amazing place. Thank you for great hospitality, food & guidance. Just gave me a right perspective to live. Will be visiting again. Soon.

Victor, Guest at VIVAMAYR

Sadly I am leaving this little bit of paradise - but feeling so much stronger.
Thank you!

Helga, Guest at VIVAMAYR

A new chapter begins!
Learning refreshed, energized
and inspired.

Bob, Guest at VIVAMAYR

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Long-term Health

Your time with us will prepare you for a new lifestyle and lasting vitality. Our medical and culinary expertise ensures both long-term health and a lifetime of beneficial habits.

Individual Care

No one person is like another. That's why your stay begins with a detailed medical analysis. Each of our guests enjoys an individual programme and bespoke diet. And of course, the attentive care that reminds you how unique you are.

Lifelong Support

When you decide to make the VIVAMAYR Principle a part of your life, you can rely on us to support you 100%. We see ourselves as a lifelong companion on your journey to greater health and vitality. For this reason, we offer medical centers and day clinics worldwide.

Post-Visit Services


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