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Stay young for longer

The way we age is not just down to genetics, it is also very much affected by our lifestyle. Our circumstances often cause us to live in a way that is immensely stressful for the repair processes in our body. This leads to the formation of tiny centres of inflammation that change our bodies hormonally and energetically. Acidification and the fight against free radicals play their part in making us look old prematurely.

Power for body and brain

Again the time has come for you to strengthen your defenses and to effectively prepare for the cold season. Enjoy a quiet, relaxing time, when VIVAMAYR provides a variety of therapies and treatments to help you achieve vitality, strength and well-being.

A normal life with diabetes II

Diabetics can have an everyday life that is very similar to the one of non-diabetics. Yet, there are differences that have more or less impact on everyday life and thus have to be considered.