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Medical ServicesHotel Services
Medical Services

Our Treatments


Medical Treatments

Our range of medical analysis and treatment are highly personalized, and our interdisciplinary team is devoted to your comfort and daily well-being.

Water Therapy

Kneipp treatments are an essential part of our therapy. Hydrotherapy is an effective and enjoyable element of the VIVAMAYR programme.

Movement Therapy

Physical activity is important in reducing modern stressors. You will get a bespoke programme specifically designed for long-term practice and enjoyment.

Lab Infusions

A stressful lifestyle depletes the body of vital minerals, trace elements and vitamins. Our infusions replenish the system.

Massage Therapy

Massage helps to detoxify and release specific mind-body blockages. They are an integral part of VIVAMAYR therapy.
Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen Therapy

With the help of complementary methods used by top athletes, you can also achieve higher levels of fitness and vitality.

Nutritional Consultation

You will learn a new nutritional lifestyle with lasting results. Eating with conscious awareness improves your quality of life.


Cold therapy is used to treat pain and skin disorders. The cold chamber complements a holistic range of therapies offered by our two health clinics and blends seamlessly into a successful Mayr cure.
Experience VIVAMAYR

Immerse yourself in VIVAMAYR

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Hotel Services

Comfort & Luxury

Medical Center Maria Wörth

Located on the southern shores of Lake Wörther, our Maria Wörth Medical Center offers the discreet tranquility you need and the first-class hotel standards you expect.

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Medical Center Altaussee

The special energy of the lake and mountains, the wood and light-filled facility, and local surroundings make this retreat ideal for recovery and well-being. The modern Altaussee Medical Center opened in 2015.

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Health is Good Taste

Food is a gift from nature and medicine for the body. We combine raw materials with creativity at the highest culinary level. Not only are the meals a feast for the eyes, but they are also delicious, refined and served with love.

Health To-Go:
VIVAMAYR Cooking School

Enjoyment and good health begin with preparing and cooking wholesome food! Learn how to prepare the same refined and healthy VIVAMAYR meals in your own kitchen during our interactive and fun on-site cooking courses.

Skin & Beauty

With VIVAMAYR Skin & Beauty, we offer the perfect complement to our medical spa programme. As you begin to glow from the inside out, you naturally become more beautiful.

  • VIVAMAYR Facials
  • VIVAMAYR Body Treatments
  • VIVAMAYR Hand and Foot Treatments
  • Hair Removal


Serhan GüvenSerhan GüvenManaging Director Maria Wörth
Dr. Dieter ReschDr. Dieter ReschManaging Director Altaussee

Medical Leadership

Dr. Harald StossierDr. Harald StossierMedical Director Maria Wörth
Dr. Maximilian SchubertDr. Maximilian SchubertMedical Director Altaussee

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