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Registered Nurse m/f


VIVAMAYR Maria Wörth Betriebs GmbH is currently seeking a registered nurse m/f with admin skills, based in London, GB.

The F.X Mayr cure is based on rest, detoxification and cleansing of the digestive tract. Gut health treatments at VIVAMAYR are complemented by innovative holistic medical treatments. These are combined with alkalising diet and detox plans which are co-ordinated and implemented on an individual basis. The Mayr Cure is naturally anti-aging and as a side effect of treatment you will experience brighter skin, weight loss and more energy.
The VIVAMAYR clinic, based in London, GB is offering diagnostic services and treatments. These include basic examinations and check-ups, care services before and after the treatments at the health resorts in Maria Wörth and Altaussee, orthomolecular therapy, comprehensive laboratory testing – from intestinal check-ups to stress profiles – functional muscle tests, Lüscher colour tests, IHHT oxygen therapy, metabolic diagnostics and treatment, diet counselling based on examination results, as well as massages and a wide range of talks and presentations.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Support and help to Develop a day clinic in London
Working with a variety of patients, reflecting the VIVAMAYR concept
Observing and recording patient history and profile
Performing diagnostic tests
Administering medications and treatments
Medical Teamwork,
Listening, Verbal Communication,
Health Promotion
Representing VIVAMAYR and its philosophy

Working hours:
Fulltime, Nurses need to work in accordance with planned shift patterns. However, these are subject to last-minute changes or adjustments
Work Location:
London CITY, GB

2500 GBP

Email your resume, reference letter and other relevant documents to Mr. Harald Stossier:

VIVAMAYR London Limited
currently Address:
Seepromenade 11
9082 Maria Wörth / Austria