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Any Moment Soothing Hand Cream

Any Moment Soothing Hand Cream

50 ml

€ 12,00

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Product Information

Moisturizing & protective

A fabulous hand balm for the daily care ritual of your hands. Highly efficient plant extracts provide your skin with important functional ingredients, selected vegetable oils provide moisture. This wonderfully natural texture absorbs quickly and ensures all-round protection of your hands.

Suited to all skin types


SHEA BUTTER | soothing, moisturizing, nourishing
ALOE VERA | skin conditioning, moisture, protection, soothing
ARGAN OIL | skin-care, antioxidants, age-protection
CAMOMILE | calming
LIQUORICE | antioxidant, calming
LIME BLOSSOM | calming, invigorating
ROSEMARY EXTRACT | super-antioxidants

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