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Smoothing Restructuring Shampoo

Smoothing Restructuring Shampoo

250 ml

€ 22,00

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Product Information

with almond proteins & gingko extract

A wonderfully fragrant shampoo with natural and mild surfactants for a velvety soft and pleasant feeling of purity and well-being. The wonderful ingredients help to strengthen the hair from the inside, make the hair less brittle and improve the absorption of moisture.

how to use

Spread on the hair and the scalp, allow to react briefly and then wash out with water. For daily use.


ALMOND PROTEINS | conditioning
GINGKO EXTRACT | stimulation of the blood circulation, energizing, strenghtening
ALOE VERA | moisturizing
COCONUT OIL SURFACTANTS | hair nourishing, gentle cleansing
NATURAL GLYCEROL | moisturizing
SUGAR COMPLEX | moisturizing

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