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Modern Mayr Medicine & the VIVAMAYR Priciple

Modern Mayr Medicine & the VIVAMAYR Priciple

You are what you digest

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Obtaining health is an often a difficult task in modern life where we compromise our private and work lives as well as our nutritional needs. First and foremost, Modern Mayr medicine regards nutrition (diet) with food chemistry and digestive capacity at its foundation. We impact our health with the foods we prepare and consume. This leads us to quickly realize that health is our active responsibility. We decide how we create and maintain health, or if we become ill through lifestyle choices. This is more than just a diet, but a therapeutic standard for the medical treatment of mood disorders and diseases. The VIVAMAYR principle combines modern complementary medical diagnosis and therapy, but also teaches patients how to maintain good health throughout life. Authors: Prof.Dr.med. Harald Stossier & Dr. med. Georg Stossier

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