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In 14 days you’ll feel like a completely different person!


You’ll feel more energetic, your skin will glow, you’ll sleep better, you’ll think more clearly and you’ll be losing weight. What’s more, if problems with things like food intolerances, are getting you down – you should also start to see a noticeable improvement in these as well. Over time they may even disappear, permanently. Welcome to The Viva Mayr Diet, the diet based on the world-famous clinic in Austria that is the hottest destination for anybody in the know. Dr Stossier, the medical genius behind Viva Mayr, and Helena Frith Powell, author of ‘Two Lipsticks and a Lover’, have teamed up to bring you the Viva Mayr diet. Together they share the fascinating facts behind it, why it works and why all the secrets of weight loss and perfect health come back to how well you look after your insides; they then take you step by step through the first 14 days of the plan, complete with recipes. They also share their experiences of following the diet with rare insight and humour, telling you what to expect, how to avoid any pitfalls and reap the benefits of looking and feeling better than you have done in years. The Viva Mayr diet in seven fool-proof steps: 1 Eat really slowly – the slower the better 2 When you start to feel full, stop 3 Only drink water between meals, never when you’re eating 4 Eat lots at breakfast, less at lunch and least at dinner 5 Have dinner before 7pm – avoid eating any later 6 Eat raw food before 3pm – anything later should be cooked 7 Got a feeling it doesn’t agree with you? Don’t eat it!


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