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Dr. Harald Stossier

What makes VIVAMAYR different, and what can I expect when I come to one of your centres?

VIVAMAYR has taken the medical findings of Dr. Mayr regarding nutrition, and has added modern methods from the field of complementary medicine. The most important aspects are regulation and naturopathic diagnosis and therapy. The main focus of the therapeutic applications is on supporting the natural powers of healing. At VIVAMAYR, through changing the mode of nutrition, training in eating culture, and channelling out toxic substances, the whole organism is brought to a better state of health. You will receive intensive medical treatment, comparable to having an operation but with no surgery involved.

How did you personally get involved with Modern Mayr Medicine, and how do you try to maintain your health?

My interest in Modern Mayr Medicine and in complementary medicine generally was aroused during my university years, and at a very early stage I started to undergo various courses of training. Then I had the good fortune to be able to study with Dr. Rauch, who was a pupil of Dr. Mayr himself. Later I had the opportunity to be involved in the creation of a health centre based on my own ideas, and that was how VIVAMAYR in Maria Wörth started up in 2005.

More or less since my university days, I personally have been undergoing a 4-week session of Mayr therapy once a year, and I also try to stay fit and healthy by eating sensibly, taking minerals and vitamins on a regular basis, and doing moderate exercise.

What is the most important message you would send your guests home with?

Our health is a matter of personal responsibility, and ultimately it is important just to stay healthy. Nutrition plays a huge part in prevention and treatment, because from the beginning to the end of our lives we have to feed ourselves. By maintaining the “eating culture” as practised at VIVAMAYR, in the way we train our guests to eat, we have a simple instrument by which we can make ourselves increasingly healthy. Eating slowly, chewing properly so that our food mixes with our saliva, and maintaining a daily rhythm is always, successful, everywhere, and I am convinced that once you have learned and understood this you will find it easy to integrate it into your daily life.