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VIVAMAYR Wien - the first step towards greater performance and quality of life

With the opening of VIVAMAYR Wien, the benefits of Modern Mayr Medicine are no longer restricted to guests at the VIVAMAYR health resorts in Maria Wörth and Altaussee.

The new centre offers a wide range of basic examinations and check-ups, as well as care services before and after the health treatments,
along with valuable information on how to achieve a better quality of life.

The VIVAMAYR clinic in Vienna aims to provide patients with an idea of the many VIVAMAYR health treatments available. Furthermore, it offers a wide range of tests and check-ups to give clients a preliminary understanding of their own state of health, while suggesting suitable treatments.

The key to sustainable health and optimum wellbeing lies in an individually tailored treatment plan consisting of stress reduction, full body detox and a balanced diet.

Opening hours

Consultation Hours and Biogena Shop:



11. – 15.02.2019

Mo – Th 8 am to 5 pm and Fr 8 am to 12 pm

Dr. Sepp Fegerl


11. – 15.03.2019

Monday 12 pm to 5 pm and Tuesday – Thursday 8 am to 5 pm

Dr. Tanja Korak


Consultations per appointment only


Contact Details:
+43 (0) 1 2350544


Vienna – Something Old & Something New

With its successful blend of imperial tradition and contemporary creativity, the Austrian capital has established itself as a major player in the global tourism market.

Imperial Romance and World-Class Art

Vienna owes its universal appeal to the way it excitingly combines imperial nostalgia with a highly creative cultural scene, responsibly cultivating a precious heritage and charming traditions whilst taking on board the latest trends.

Architecture dating from imperial times has left an indelible mark on the city. Magnificent edifices, predominantly in baroque, historicism (“Ringstrasse”) and art nouveau styles, and the city’s grand scale cause you to forget that this is the capital of the small Republic of Austria with just under 8.5 million inhabitants. In Vienna, you re-live the romance of a long-lost empire.

City of Music – Traditional & Modern

Vienna has traditionally accorded the arts great respect, and over the centuries has never ceased to foster creativity and attract people from all over the world. Vienna boasts 50 theaters, including four opera houses and several stage musical theaters, 150 museums, numerous galleries, and renowned drama, music and dance festivals.

All this ensures an extraordinarily rich cultural program throughout the year, making the city one of Europe’s leading cultural centers.

The house

The location for the new day clinic was chosen with care. The site in the Josefstadt district, close to the city centre and right next to the picturesque Hamerlingpark, offers views over the private garden and adjoining park and creates a pleasant atmosphere.

It also has excellent public transport connections and is easily accessible by car.

The offer

The clinic’s highly qualified medical team is led by Dr Gabrielle Dienhart, a specialist in regulatory holistic medicine and MODERN MAYR MEDICINE, offering patients a broad portfolio of diagnostic services and treatments:

Pre- and Postcare of the cure at both health resorts in Maria Wörth and Altaussee

Basic examinations and check-ups

Orthomolecular diagnostics and therapy

Comprehensive laboratory testing – from intestinal check-ups to stress profiles

Functional muscle testing/ Applied Kinesiology

IHHT Oxygen therapy


Diet Counselling based on examination results

Talks and presentations

The fundamental philosophy of the VIVAMAYR day clinic is based on the understanding that many people today are trapped in their daily routines and are suffering from stress symptoms and the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle.

Those who have already completed health treatments can attend the VIVAMAYR day clinic for specific, highly efficient follow-up care and monitoring. Another key area of the VIVAMAYR day clinic involves targeted measures for the rapid improvement of a patient’s well-being.

Services / Prices

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How you can find us


Krotenthallergasse 3-5
1080 Wien
T: +43 12350544

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