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Knowledge and insights in the medical field are developing rapidly. Nevertheless, it is important to learn proven and handed down as well as perfecting the practical handling of patients and manual treatments.

Aims of training

Our series of training initiatives aims at providing participants with an overview of Modern Mayr Medicine in both theory and practice. 3 seminars, each of which links in with the previous one, teach diagnostic methods according to Dr. F.X. Mayr, the required diagnostic methods from complementary medicine, Modern Mayr Therapy and its indications. In addition, each participant will also undergo a Mayr Therapy, thus experiencing its benefits first-hand. This not only facilitates the theoretical learning process, but also creates an ideal basis for understanding the principles of the successful treatment of patients.

Course length and timeframe

The following requirements apply for the award of the ÖÄK (Austrian Medical Association) Diploma:
The course is at least 2 years long and comprises a total of 180 training modules (120 hours of theory and 60 hours of practical training); to be completed as 3 individual course units (2 weeks each). The course ends with an exam that may be completed no sooner than 2 years after enrolment.

1 Target group

Physicians of all disciplines with an interest in dietary therapy. The earliest possible start of the training takes place after the graduation.

2 Miscellaneous

25 % off individual prescribed medical treatments

3 Accommodation

Room prices according to the pricelist of VIVAMAYR Maria Wörth or VIVAMAYR Altaussee
Special rate for participants: 25 % off room price

Courses and appointments:

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