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VIVAMAYR Skin & Beauty Detox

Our exclusive packages follow our modern, highly individual concept of the Mayr cure. All our medical treatments support regenerative beauty from the inside. Beauty and health are closely connected. A digestive system that is in proper working order is the basis for a younger-looking you. The skin is also referred to as the mirror of health. The VIVAMAYR method includes a number of natural, individual beauty treatments that complement the medical therapy programme.

Combine medicine and cosmetic treatments for optimal results!

Cosmetic Brands

In PHYTOMER we have found an experienced partner who offers the perfect products and treatments to complement our treatments in a purely natural way. Thanks to its international experience, Phytomer is represented in the most renowned spa centreswith its cosmetology based on marine substances and agents. And now, Phytomer has arrived at VIVAMAYR after F.X. Mayr. The new and unique concept NOUVELLE BEAUTÉ is more natural than any other conventional treatment.

PHYTOMER draws all its natural ingredients from the origin of all life – the sea. We have a natural link to the sea, the source of life and health. Only the sea contains all 104 trace elements that are indispensable for our life and well-being.

It is only from the sea that we can draw all the riches for our body. Science calls this natural symbiosis of organic cosmetics “marine biomimetics”.


Due to a variety of beauty and care programs, we make you feel completely comfortable. Clear effects, deep relaxation and sustainability serve by cutting-edge treatments as a support to your Mayr Cure.

More details on all cosmetic applications can be found on our price lists.

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VIVAMAYR Skin & Beauty Altaussee

1 Face

Reducing wrinkles by up to 73% via warming Phytomer sea mud wraps

VitaLaser Cold Laser & Hyaluron – visible and slasting through the bio lifting method

2 Body

Firming action through full body ultrasound treatments by BABOR

VIE fruit acid peeingl for a complete skin renewal

Enhancing the fat burning process by cellulite wrap

Detoxification through special full body cotton wraps

3 Massages

Deep relaxation by the Hot Stone Massage

Detoxification through skin cleansing sea salt scrubs

4 Hand and foot treatment

Classic manicure and pedicure

Holistic Foot Spa

Scrubs, massages and care

5 Additional treatments

Facial massages

Beauty applications


Hair dresser

A brief overview