As your lifelong companion, we are personally there for you before, during, and after your stay at one of our Medical Health Resorts. To help you stay on top of your progress and ensure your long-term health, we provide a unique and innovative offer consisting of precare, postcare and telemedicine. As part of your health journey, our doctors make their expertise available to you at all times, advise you on any and all questions you may have, and give you tips for how you can best implement the VIVAMAYR lifestyle.




Your VIVAMAYR Health Journey begins before you even arrive. The purpose of the precare phase is to help get you primed and ready for your stay at the Medical Health Resort, and to provide our medical team with important findings that will aid them in their diagnosis. The conversations always take place online. We also offer you our lab kits, with which we are able to gain important advance insights into your constitution.

Advance Diagnostics

With our advance diagnostics, we offer you the option of discussing the results of your blood and stool (microbiome) tests at the very first consultation with your VIVAMAYR doctor. This allows us to address your body’s needs on an even more individual level and to structure your Health Journey in a more targeted manner. The advance diagnostics should be carried out 2-3 weeks before you arrive. The lab kits for blood and stool must be ordered separately.

Advance Diagnostics blood € 650
Advance Diagnostics stool € 310

available in Austria, Germany and all EU countries

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