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Nutrition concerns everyone. We would like to believe that we are all nutrition experts and yet, it is difficult to find a common thread in the many diets touted by experts and the media. Many experts recommend completely different methods; there is a constant barrage of fad diets and nuggets of wisdom which partially contradict each other. This creates insecurity and uncertainty in our personal choices. All we can agree on: either we follow a health diet or maneuver into disease. This guidebook provides reliable answers as you journey through the jungle of dietary recommendations, focusing on important foundations to help you find your ideal diet according to personal preference, taste, and social environment. Among other things, this book teaches you why “sour/acidic" makes you sick and why fats don’t automatically make you fat, how school-days food pyramid is antiquated, and why cholesterol is a "stress molecule" that you can manage without cholesterol-lowering drugs. Authors: Prof.Dr.med. Harald Stossier & Dr. med. Georg Stossier

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