The VIVAMAYR Health Concept

With our unique health concept fully tailored to suit your individual needs, VIVAMAYR helps you find your way to long-term health and a new quality of life. Your journey on the path to a new lease on life begins directly on the shores of a picturesque lake at one of the VIVAMAYR Medical Health Resorts. This is where you’ll find peace and recharge your batteries, with daily medical supervision designed to support the process of cleansing and renewal. At VIVAMAYR, experience the combination of traditional diagnostics and therapy according to Dr. F. X. Mayr and modern complementary medicine.

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Our Medical Programs

At VIVAMAYR, everything is designed to help you reach your personal health goal. With our medical programs, we create the foundation – both physically and mentally – for increasing your quality of life. Medical competence and our holistic approach make it possible to treat a range of different conditions. Throughout the therapy process, you will have daily talks with one of our doctors in order to fine-tune your program and help you reach your targets in the best possible way.


The VIVAMAYR Locations

Our facilities are located in very special places that support you in achieving your goals. Here, surrounded by stunning lakes and a richly diverse landscape with fantastic mountain backdrops, you can’t help but find tranquility and inspiration. This is where your VIVAMAYR Health Journey begins. In order to maintain your progress, our team of doctors and therapists will continue to support you even after your stay. We are there for you at our day clinics and on international Clinic Dates.

Medical Health Resort Altaussee

Medical Health Resort Altaussee

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Medical Health Resort Maria Wörth

Medical Health Resort Maria Wörth

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Vienna Day Clinic

Vienna Day Clinic

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London Day Clinic

London Day Clinic

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Clinic Dates

Clinic Dates

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World-famous Australian actress, comedian, writer and producer Rebel Wilson

"VIVAMAYR is where I started my 'Year of Health‘. Now I know how to maintain my weight loss."

Rebel Wilson,
Australian actress
Mine Kalpakcioglu - CEO T.I.M.E. PR

"I buy myself the best present by going to VIVAMAYR every year."

Mine Kalpakcıoglu, CEO T.I.M.E. PR, Istanbul
Nick Vinson founder of Vinson&Co, a London based bureau specialising in creative direction for the luxury goods industry

"I can't imagine not coming back."

Nick Vinson, Founder & CEO, Vinson&Co
Caroline Nation - Dietitian

"Nothing comparable in America. Well worth the journey! Medical attention, superb facilities, breathtaking natural setting."

Caroline Nation, dietitian
Patrick Ashworth, founder of BeArty which is a technology company bringing creativity into people's lives

"VIVAMAYR is a true haven where I can switch off from the daily stresses of life."

Patrick Ashworth,
Founder & CEO, BeArty Ltd
Emma Cannon at Vivamayr

"It is the destination I am always seeking for my mind, health & spirit."

Emma Cannon, London
Adrian Pickshaus - Creative Director Communication Agency Territory

"I feel distanced from worries and stress – but much closer to myself."

Adrian Pickshaus, Creative Director Communication Agency Territory, Hamburg
Mon Müllerschön - Art consultant at Burda Publishing, Art Columnist Bunte,

"The therapies, nutrition and magic of this location have an incredibly purifying power."

Mon Müllerschön, Art Consultant at Burda Publishing, Art Columnist Bunte, Founder MM Artmanagement
Johan Ernst Nilson - Explorer & Adventure Activist

"It’s a turn key experience where you come back as a new person."

Johan Ernst Nilson, Explorer & Adventure Activist, Stockholm
Caroline Stanbury - Influencer

"My experience at VIVAMAYR has been exactly what I needed."

Caroline Stanbury, Influencer, UK
Clemens Strobl - Entrepreneur/ Winemaker

"Thank you, VIVAMAYR! My body feels 20 years younger."

Clemens Strobl, Entrepreneur/Winemaker, Kirchberg am Wagram
Famous Austrian TV presenter and entertainer Alfons Haider

"For me, there’s no secret to looking healthy at age 63: two weeks a year at VIVAMAYR."

Alfons Haider,
Austrian actor and entertainer
Kati Bellowitsch - Austrian television and radio presenter

"I can’t remember the last time I felt so fit and healthy."

Kati Bellowitsch,
Austrian radio and television presenter
Burghart Houben at Vivamayr

"After 6 weeks of fantastic care, lakeside views, stand-up paddle boarding and mountain hikes behind the resort, my body feels 20 years younger!"

Burghart Houben,
Nicole Weber at Vivamayr

"For me, VIVAMAYR is a special place with a unique kind of magic that lets me forget the rest of the world."

Nicole Weber, Hamburg

VIVAMAYR Blog & Healthcast

Take courage: How your gut can help you have a more resilient mind #05

You probably know one of those people: the kind that is almost never fazed by anything. A lighthouse in the storm who seems to overcome the hurdles of everyday life with ease. Perhaps this person simply has a fantastically healthy gut?...
Woman standing up to knees in water of lake Altaussee with the Styrian mountains in the background

Healthy body weight #04

For a long time, a person’s health has been mainly evaluated using their weight and body mass index. Dr. Maximilian Schubert, medical director of the VIVAMAYR Health Resort Altaussee, explains why this approach...
Woman in bright summer dress walking and smiling on private dock at VIVAMAYR Maria Wörth

Young and healthy with interval fasting #03

In recent years, a new trend has emerged in the nutrition sector: interval fasting. Dr. Harald Stossier tells us what it can do, who it is suitable for and how it can keep you healthy inside and out and even make you look and feel younger....

Nahrungsmittelunverträglichkeiten & Candida #03

In Episode 3 unseres Health Casts sprechen wir mit Dr. Sepp Fegerl über die mittlerweile weit verbreiteten Lebensmittelunverträglichkeiten. Warum vertragen wir unsere Lebensmittel nicht mehr und was ist der Unterschied zwischen...
VIVAMAYR Health Cast Episode 2

Genesung nach einer Covid-19-Erkrankung #02

In Episode 2 unseres Health Casts erfahren Sie von Dr. Maximilian Schubert, ärztlichem Leiter des VIVAMAYR Medical Health Resorts in Altaussee, was Sie bei einer Covid-19-Erkrankung für Ihre Genesung tun können. Nahrungsergänzungsmittel, die psychische Verfassung, richtige Ernährung und...
Man toweling himself at the lake

How to make your immune system really strong #02

A resilient immune system is the best shield against pathogens – and is clearly more important than ever right now. Dr. Harald Stossier, a general practitioner with many years of experience...
Woman doing yoga on a jetty with beautiful nature surrounding her

Getting back to health after COVID-19 #01

Nobody hopes to get it, yet over 400,000 people in Austria have already had it. We’re talking, of course, about coronavirus, which has kept the world on the edge of its seat for a year now....
VIVAMAYR Health Cast Episode 2

Immunsystem und die Rolle des Darms #01

In dieser Folge sprechen wir mit Prof. Dr. Harald Stossier, ärztlichem Leiter des VIVAMAYR Medical Health Resorts in Maria Wörth und Mitbegründer des VIVAMAYR Health Concepts, wie man das Immunsystem stärkt und welche wichtige Rolle der Darm dabei spielt. Außerdem erfahren Sie, warum...

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VIVAMAYR is proud winner at the World Luxury Spa Awards in 2018
VIVAMAYR wins prestigious Condé Nast Traveler Readers' Choice Award in 2019
VIVAMAYR Altausee won the Conde Nast Traveller Award 2018 for "Best Targeted Healing"
VIVAMAYR is ordained winner at the Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards in 2018
VIVAMAYR receives Signum Virtutis at the Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards in 2019
VIVAMAYR wins Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Award in the Medical Wellness / Longevity Sector in 2017
VIVAMAYR wins annual World Luxury Spa Award in 2019