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The VIVAMAYR Principle – Overview

Medical Treatments developed by Dr. F.X. Mayr assume we can "become healthy, happy, and more efficient" by temporarily changing our normal diet.
Regular (lifelong) fasting leads to greater health by observing specific dietary guidelines and changing eating habits.

The VIVAMAYR Principle was developed on the basis of modern Mayr medicine: The VIVAMAYR principle is successful when dietary guidelines are practiced in combination with modern complementary procedures including Functional Myodiagnostics (A.K.) and Orthomolecular Medicine.

Modern Mayr Medicine is based on the four principles of Rest, Cleanse, Train and Substitute with the goal of integrating and practicing each principle individually for a period of time.
Tuning into your health and well-being is a memorable experience of self-discovery nurtured by optimal medical and exercise in a vitalizing atmosphere.
Our physicians are continually reviewing current science and holistic methods, putting VIVAMAYR principles at the pinnacle of integrative medicine.

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